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Hi this is Bakugan Super Nova an online forum game where you can get bakugan create a profile and battle. Me Haze (Admin) and my members of the Bakugan Supernova group would like you to join if you like it.

Forum and Battle Rules

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Forum and Battle Rules Empty Forum and Battle Rules

Post  Haze on Wed Apr 15, 2009 7:40 am

1 No swearing
.3 No posting in wrong categories.
.4 Double posting is accepted except when u post once then post again and its only like 5 words.
.5 All ways do what the Admin and moderaters tell u to do
.6 If you have a problem with a mod or someone contact me and i'll sort them out
. Battle Rules.
1 Choose 3 bakugan
.2 Both set a gate card challenger sets first
.3 Each Brawl a bakugan
.4 If they land on same card thats a battle if not start over with the bakugan still on field
.5 Open gate card
.6 The non challenger plays the first ability card then the other player does if necessary you can play 2 abiltiy cards per round
.7 Now add up G power bonus's who ever has the highest wins that round.
This is a Battle
Extra rules
After winning 5 battles you may choose a bakugan of yours to evolve ( only if you know what the evolved form is)

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