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Hi this is Bakugan Super Nova an online forum game where you can get bakugan create a profile and battle. Me Haze (Admin) and my members of the Bakugan Supernova group would like you to join if you like it.

Bakugan Shop Season 1 and 2

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Bakugan Shop Season 1 and 2 Empty Bakugan Shop Season 1 and 2

Post  Haze on Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:58 pm

350Gs are 350BBs
400Gs are 400BBS
300GS are 300BBS
250Gs are 250BBS
325Gs are 325GS
450Gs are 450BBS
500Gs are 500BBS
Alpha Bakugan are 600BBS
Aquos Seige (350 Gs)
Aquos Preyas (400 Gs),
Aquos Cycloid (300 Gs) .
Aquos Mantris (250 Gs)
Aquos Skyress (325 Gs)
Aquos Terrorclaw (300 Gs)
Aquos Juggernoid (250 Gs)
Aquos Sirenoid (450 Gs)
Pyrus Dragonoid (450 Gs)
Pyrus Saurus (250 Gs)
Pyrus Falconeer (350 Gs).
Pyrus Juggernoid (400 Gs)
Pyrus Siege (350 Gs)
Pyrus Serpenoid (300 Gs)
Pyrus Gargonoid (325 Gs)
Pyrus Harpus (400

Darkus Reaper (350 Gs)
Darkus Hydranoid (450 Gs)
Darkus Fear Ripper (400 GS)
Darkus Gargonoid (400 Gs)
Darkus Mantris (250 Gs)
Darkus Centiploid (325)
Darkus Falconeer (400 Gs)
Darkus Cycloid(300 Gs)
Haos Hynoid (300 Gs)
Haos Griffon (300 Gs)
Haos Tigrerra (450 Gs)
Haos Siege (400 Gs)
Haos Laserman (350 Gs)
Haos Dragonoid (400 Gs)
Haos Monarus (250 Gs)
Haos Skyress (450 Gs)
Haos Saurus (325 Gs)

Sub Terra Mantris (300 Gs)
Sub Terra Tuskor (350 Gs)
Sub Terra Rattleoid (400 Gs)
Sub Terra Gorem (450 Gs)
Sub Terra Warius (400 Gs)
Sub Terra Gargonoid (300 Gs)
Sub Terra El Condor (325 Gs)
Sub Terra Robotallion (250 Gs)

Ventus Skyress (450 Gs)
Ventus Falconeer (350 Gs)
Ventus Ravenoid (400 Gs)
Ventus Monarus (300 Gs)
Ventus Harpus (400 Gs)
Ventus Griffon (250 Gs)
Ventus Reaper (325 Gs)
Ventus Siege (300 Gs)

Alpha Bakugan
Alpha Juggernoid (500Gs) 5 left
Alpha Reaper (500Gs) 4 left
Alpha Harpus (500Gs) 5 left
Alpha Siege (500Gs) 5 left

My Bakugan
Bakugan all Darkus
Percival 400Gs
Alpha Reaper 500Gs
Atmos 370Gs
Helios 380Gs
Mechanical Bakugan
Trap Bakugan
FalconFly 360Gs
MetalFencer 340GS

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