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Hi this is Bakugan Super Nova an online forum game where you can get bakugan create a profile and battle. Me Haze (Admin) and my members of the Bakugan Supernova group would like you to join if you like it.

New-Vestroia & Naruto

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New-Vestroia & Naruto Empty New-Vestroia & Naruto

Post  Denki on Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:03 pm

New-Vestroia is a site my friend made for me; it's all about Bakugan New-Vestroia. It's 5 years after Dan and Drago reunited. They fail to defeat the Vexos, and that's where the Rp starts!

Naruto is a RPG site that takes place 500 years in the future.

Please join!!

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